We are proudly announce that Host Dingle is listed on The Web Hosting Directory- a leading web hosting directory. That's ensure our client that
Host Dingle maintain Code Of Compliance of web hosting industry.

Thank you for taking the time to read our Announcement – we value our relationship. 

<div align="center" style="width:250px; border:1px solid #cde1ff; padding:10px; background:#fff;"><a href="http://www.thewebhostingdir.com/hosting-provider/host-dingle.html"><img src="https://www.thewebhostingdir.com/user/coc_small.php" alt="host-dingle code of compliance seal" border="0" align="top"></a><div style="padding-top:10px;">Host Dingle is proudly listed on <a href="http://www.thewebhostingdir.com" title="TheWebHostingDir.Com">TheWebHostingDir.Com</a> - a leading web hosting directory.</div></div>

Sunday, October 19, 2014

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