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How do I Pay by Payza or bKash ?

To pay via Payza Just select during order "Payza (Formerly Alertpay)" as a payment form. Then you'll be redirected to Payza Gateway.

Host Dingle  also accept  bkash . If you dont have paypal/credit card/payza, then pay your bill to our bKash account.


bKash Account Details. (Only for Bangladeshi Clients)


 Account Number: 01672-7577-02 (Merchant Account)


.After payment Please send us your transaction ID and invoice number to- billing@hostdingle.com

How you pay us ?

01. Go to bKash Mobile Menu by dialing *247#
02. Choose “Payment”
03. Enter the Merchant bKash Account Number (01672-7577-02)
04. Enter the amount you want to pay
05. Enter a reference* against your payment (reference number will be your invoice number.)
06. Enter the counter number* (Normally 0)
07. Now enter your bKash Mobile Menu PIN to confirm



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